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Specialty Product Line
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With over 40 years in the manufacturing industry we have had plenty of time to test out the machine tool accessories that are currently available on the market today...Many of these accessories fell short in a "Job Shop" atmosphere, costing our company time and money that was not necessary.
It was becuase of this that R.J. Products, LLC have come up with a specialty product line with the consumer in mind.  Our products rival all of the related items that are found on the market today, with one exception...Ours Will Last and Make Your Job Much Easier!!!

RJ Swing Stop


The most versitile stop available on the market today. Work on the table or on the vise, super quick set up.
Model Number: 11200

RJ Speed Handle


A sturdy alternative to the cheap aluminum speed handles available now.  Made of steel with nearly twice the thread as the competitors, this is one handle that you will have forever!!!
Model Number: 021301

5C Collet Stop


Works on any 5C Collet with threaded back and Absolutely NO THREADED Rods make this a very quick set up tool.
Model Number: 5226

5C Collet Extension


Add nearly 6" of length to you stop allowing you to run longer parts conveniently.  Combine more than one for even longer reach.
Model Number: 2655

Gang Master


A Clever tool used to machine Multiple Parts at one time.  A great way to speed up run times.
Model Number: 4264

RJ Soft Jaws


A full selection of Aluminum & Steel soft jaws
Model Number: See Product Literature

RJ Boring Bars


The best way to save money today!  One R.J. Boring Bar will replace several of the competitors for about the same price.
Model Number: See Product Literature

RJ Tool Holders


Can be used for boring bars, centrdrills, drills and much more. A very convenient lathe toolholder
Model Number: See Product Literature

Square Stop Vise Jaws


Three completely adjustable square stops.  Ideal for production.
Model Number:
7" x 1" x 2.250"    70225-06
7" x 1.250" x 4"    70400-06

Hitachi Bolts


Tool Holder Bolts made especially for Hitachi Seiki Lathes
Model Number RJ20S3

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